New ‘Mini Metro’ Update Adds Three New Alternate Versions of Existing Maps

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After we first learned back in 2014 Dinosaur Polo Club would be bringing their subway planning game Mini Metro ($3.99) to mobile, it felt like it took FOREVER for it to finally release. Now looking back I can hardly believe that we’re coming up on the two year anniversary this fall of it launching for iOS. Time is a funny thing. Anyway, just because Mini Metro has been out in the wild for a couple of years, doesn’t mean the Dinosaur Polo Club is done with it. Not by a long shot! Today they’ve released a new update for Mini Metro which offers three alternate versions of existing maps in the game. To unlock these alternate versions, you’ll need to deliver 1000 riders on any of the original versions of each map. Here’s a quick synopsis of the three new maps:

• London, 1960: Nearly 30 years since his revolutionary first map, Harry Beck created his last vision of the underground in 1960.
• New York City, 1972: Inspired by the iconic London map, Massimo Vignelli produced this modernist interpretation of the MTA.
• Paris, 1937: In contrast to the sleek modern design, the elegant Seine dances through Paris in this pre-war map.

Those of you who already own Mini Metro no doubt know that Dino Polo Club has been great about updating and adding new content to the mobile version over the years. This has included new maps, an awesome endless mode, and numerous tweaks to make the game the best that it can be. It’s an absolutely fabulous game, but you already knew that didn’t you? Since you already own it. But what if you don’t own it? Well let today’s update be the catalyst you need to dive into this highly strategic and endlessly entertaining game. You can also check out Shaun’s full 5 star review from not long after the game came to iOS, and just know that there’s even MORE stuff in it nowadays thanks to all these updates. Whatever the case, Mini Metro is one of those “should be pre-installed on every iOS device" games so make sure you’re all aboard.

Thanks reader Ben for the tip!

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