First Witchwood Deck Builds, Saying Goodbye to Friends, and the Dawn of the Year of the Raven in ‘Touchstone’ #122

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Welcome once again dear readers to the Touchstone Tavern, your mobile gateway to the world of Hearthstone(Free). Your usual guide, Mr. Tasos is on a temporary break. It has been just a few short weeks since the launch of the Witchwood Hearthstone expansion and the start of the year of the raven, but it sure feels like a lot longer. We’ve had some great decks take shape around this new season. While there are a few older builds still lurking, this is one of the best times to get back in and feel that fresh new game scent just permeate through the competitive standard format.

A Fond Farewell

We would be remiss if we did not take a moment to remember our departed developers, Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu. It was a bit of a surprise hearing that there would be a leadership vacuum on the Hearthstone and Blizzard teams. There seems to be a buzz around both of these visionary individuals with ominous notations on their parting messages and twitter accounts citing “moving on to something new." Will they be working together on a new game? Was this an orchestrated move? Only time will tell but we are certain the gaming world will be richer if they do decide to stay in the industry and continue creating content.

New Year New Meta

Over at Tempo Storm it seems a flood of Rogue and Paladin is set to wash through the upper echelons of Standard mode competition. 4 separate Rogue decks are in the top 12 and 3 Paladin decks are in the top 5 as of this week. This is a huge shake up and really the only survivor is my trusty Cubelock. Even Control Priest has been relegated down to middle of the pack. Another set of decks that are starting to pop up are the control-sided Druids. Gone are the Jade token days, but Druid feels all the more Druid-y with big bodied taunt minions flying thick and fast. The meta has a whole lot of decks that can produce huge amounts of late game value without sacrificing much to aggressive decks on the way to late game. If you want to combat the strong tempo and control decks that seem to be everywhere right now with some aggro, your best bet would be either Murloc Paladin or Odd Rogue.

An Inn-viting Competition

The First Competitive tournament of the Year of the Raven, THe Hearthstone Inn-vitational featured players Orange and Alliestrasza pitting new decks against each other. One thing I noticed was that Orange had some problems getting the Shudderwock bomb off and I had similar concerns when trying to get the new Shaman Voltron assembled in standard games. When it happens, it is amazing but it is VERY difficult to stretch the game out enough to land the combo properly.

Building an In-SPIRE-ing deck

Leave it to Kripp to explore the ridiculous lengths a deck can go to. This time he sets his sights on the One Turn Kill potential a Warrior deck can leverage with the new Gunspire legendary card.

Most Druid things work now with enough Taunt

It really seems like filling your hand up and staging huge taunt minions is inevitable no matter what direction you go with Druid right now. Trump shows off some of the pieces of the puzzle that you can put together for a solid Druid deck.

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