‘Duke Dashington Remastered’ Gets 30 New Levels and iPhone X Support in Latest Update

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Developer Jussi Simpanen aka Adventure Islands released Duke Dashington Remastered (Free) back in November of last year, just a handful of days after Apple’s latest device the iPhone X hit the market. Given the timing of the release, it’s no surprise that the game didn’t support the full screen of the iPhone X at the time, but it was still disappointing to iPhone X owners like myself and has only grown more so in the months since. Well! Thankfully Adventure Islands was already on the case, and decided to roll iPhone X screen support into a juicy new content update for Duke Dashington Remastered which has just hit the App Store today. The new content comes in the form of the Crystal Caverns dungeon which offers 30 brand new levels complete with their own new Game Center achievements and Time Trial leaderboard. Here’s a brief glimpse of the game running on an iPhone X.

As you could probably guess from its title, Duke Dashington Remastered is in fact a remastered version of the 2014 release Duke Dashington ($0.99). It features completely redrawn graphics as well as improved controls and level designs. The game included all the levels from the original Duke Dashington, but these latest Crystal Cave levels are completely new to the series. As a special bonus, two other Adventure Islands games have received iPhone X support in the past week or so: The fun traditional platformer Super Dangerous Dungeons (Free) and the adorable puzzle platformer Heart Star (Free). All three games are free with ads and a one-time premium unlock IAP, so there’s no reason not to give them all a look if you haven’t previously, and especially now if you’re an iPhone X owner.

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