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‘Comic Boy’ Will Have You Running Through the Panels of a Comic Book and It’s Looking for Beta Testers

Back in August of last year we first caught wind of an interesting upcoming platformer from developer StayHeavy Games called Comic Boy. The idea was that you’d be able to travel through the different panels of a comic similar to the old Sega Genesis game Comix Zone (Free) or the more contemporary mobile games Framed ($3.99) and Framed 2 ($4.99). You’d do this by way of auto-running and then you’d use the different walls of the comic panels to bounce off of and change direction or use a downward smash to break through into a lower panel. The actual platforming was highly reminiscent of the Wind Up Knight (Free) games and maybe even a dash of some Beat Sneak Bandit ($2.99). Check out what I mean in this gameplay trailer that was released back in January.

Cool, right? Well, things went kind of silent on the Comic Boy front for a while, but now Fredbear Games has showed up to help complete and publish the game with Stayheavy and they’re once again in search of beta testers. If you’re interested in helping test then head over to the game’s new forum thread for the link to sign up, and you can find a bit more information and some screens of Comic Boy while you’re there. If you have an Android device, the game is simply in open beta over on the Google Play Store, so you can check that out too. Also, it’s not all about the titular Comic Boy in Comic Boy as there are other unlockable characters too, and this brand new trailer shows off one of them. Her name is Parkour Girl and her trailer also shows off a different environment in the game from the trailer above. Definitely make sure you watch both trailers and be sure to sign up to beta test Comic Boy if you’re interested.