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‘Jelly Dance’ is a Beat-Matching Rhythm Game with Goofy, Adorable Characters that’s Launching Next Month

The Frosty Pop Corps. seemingly never sleep, as that’s the only way I can see that they’re able to continuously pump out awesome new mobile games. With their most recent release Kingpin Bowling (Free) continuing to do well, they’re now turning focus onto the next release which is a game called Jelly Dance. It’s a beat matching rhythm game but one geared for a more casual audience, at least in terms of initial difficulty. However, things can ramp up quickly and you’ll need “mad DJ skills to keep your people cutting them rugs on the dance floor" according to the developer. There are six characters to unlock in Jelly Dance, each with their own unique song spanning the history of hip-hop. What really sticks out to me is just how darn adorable and well-animated these goofy characters are. Check it out.

Ugh, I just adore everything about that. As you can see if you watched the trailer to the very end, Jelly Dance will also include a nifty AR mode so you can project these cute little buggers right into the real world. Additionally, the game will include a pack of animated iMessage stickers so you can really nerd out over the characters in Jelly Dance. While no official release date has been determined just yet, Jelly Dance is set to launch in the App Store sometime in May, and will be free with ads and an IAP to disable them if you wish. Until then follow along with this one in our forums.