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‘Sir Questionnaire’ is a Turn-Based Roguelike That Makes Every Choice a Binary One

It’s fun when words have more than one meaning. When we say Sir Questionnaire, an upcoming turn-based roguelike in the works from Dutch developer OrangePixel, revolves around binary decisions, we’re not talking about 1’s and 0’s. Rather, we mean the game is going to present you with a number of situations where you have just two options and have to decide between them.

As you can see in the trailer below, that can mean something as simple as walk away or attack when you enter a room and are confronted by a monster. it can also mean choices like walk or grab, walk or buy, or sip or chug. No, wait, that’s a binary decision we were faced with last Friday night. Sorry.

Despite the simplicity of that core mechanic, Sir Questionnaire appears to have many of the usual goodies that make fantasy RPGs like the comfort food of gaming, including skills to improve and quests to undertake. You can also take pictures of the new creatures you run into on any given dungeon run to add to your codex and be prepared for the next time you meet.

This is the part where we add that OrangePixel also brought us Ashworld, which made the very prestigious TouchArcade Best iPhone Games of 2017 list. Plus, the art style and retro score appear to complement each other quite nicely.

We won’t have to wait long to see if it all comes together. OrangePixel says that Sir Questionnaire, which is also slated for release on Android and PC as well as iOS, is in closed beta now and will drop either near the end of April or in May. And really, given what the game is based on, that kind of either/or release window only seems fitting.

Oh, and you’ll want to keep an eye on our forum thread on this very game as well.