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Squeaky Clean Sliding Puzzler ‘Soap Dodgem’ Arriving on iOS and Android April 19th

Nothing gets my motor humming quite like a highly-polished, mobile-friendly puzzle game, and that looks to be exactly what Soap Dodgem from developer Lost Ducks will offer. You’ll guide five different “soap heroes" across a hundred levels in the land of Bathroomia, taking out the menacing “mold creatures" and restoring cleanliness to the land once again. Yes, it’s a silly premise, and I love it. The high level of quality is fully on display in the following trailer for Soap Dodgem, which shows off the game’s clean visuals (pun intended) and several of the interesting mechanics you’ll be up against.

Besides the 100 levels of the campaign, Soap Dodgem will also include its own level editor so you can create and share your very own levels and of course play levels created by others. That’s a lot of cleaning in our future. Lost Ducks has announced in our forums that Soap Dodgem will be officially launching on both iOS and Android on April 19th, but if you like the look of this game and you’re REALLY impatient it’s actually been soft-launched in New Zealand on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for the past few months, so you can always give that version a shot right now. Otherwise look for this clean-looking cleaning puzzler when it arrives later this month.