‘Sky Force Reloaded’ Gets its Final FINAL Content Update Adding in New Bonus Level

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Nearly two years after its release, developer Infinite Dreams has put out another final content update for their phenomenal shoot ’em up Sky Force Reloaded (Free). You might be thinking, “Hey! Wasn’t their an update a little over a year ago that was supposed to be the ‘final’ update?" Yes! You are correct! And we really couldn’t blame Infinite Dreams for that seeing as they continually pumped out content update for Sky Force Reloaded in the 8 or so months following its release. It was easily one of the most well-supported games on the App Store. Well, I guess they still had some more gas left in their tank as this week’s update has added in another bonus level titled B3 which includes “all new enemy units, weapons and a proper boss at the end." But THIS is the final content update for the game, they say. For reals this time!

If this is the first you’re hearing of the Sky Force games, they actually began life on pocket computer devices that predate the release of the iPhone. Those original versions were ported to the iPhone early on in its life, and were among my favorite shooters, but as hardware and especially screen resolution advancements came to iOS devices those older versions just weren’t able to keep pace. So Infinite Dreams took it upon themselves to completely remake and remaster the original game and its sequel as Sky Force 2014 (Free) and this Sky Force Reloaded. Both games are really two of the best scrolling shooters you can get on mobile, and they’re both totally free to download and check out, so I highly suggest doing so if you haven’t yet. With the final FINAL update arriving for Sky Force Reloaded, I’m really interested to see what’s in store next for Infinite Dreams and the Sky Force series.

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