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Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Final Season First Look Coming Next Week

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Telltale is famous for picking up every IP in sight and using its famous (or infamous) recipe to turn it into a serialized game, a tactic that has led to the company running out of steam and letting go a large part of its employees in what was the loudest sign that somewhere along the way, Telltale lost its way. Still, Telltale does have some important games coming out in the near future, and The Walking Dead: The Final Season is definitely the one fans most want to get their hands on. If you are one of the many who want to see how Clementine’s story ends, you can get the first peek of the game next Friday, April 6th, at 12:30 PM ET during the developer’s PAX East panel. The reveal will also be streamed on Twitch, so everyone can get to enjoy the show.

If you’ve been following Telltale’s games, you probably know that The Walking Dead (Free) is the series that put the developer on the map and, for many, season one of the game was the best the company has produced (though others see Tales from the Borderlands as the best series). Clementine, the female protagonist who was a child in the original season and has become the protagonist of later seasons, is for many the best character in the series and is the focus of the final season. Telltale cleverly showed that passing of the baton from Lee Everett, the main character of the original series, to Clementine in a screenshot revealed today. The Final Season screenshot shows Clementine wielding an axe and defending a young child from incoming walkers in a pose identical to a screenshot from the original series, where Clementine was the child in danger and Lee was wielding the axe. If you had any doubts that the series has come full circle, this screenshot should dispel them.

Speaking of the series as a whole (spoilers following), the journey hasn’t been a pleasant one for any of the characters. Clementine, trying to survive in a world infested by walkers just like in the TV show with the same name, lost Lee at the end of the first season after a pretty harrowing journey and some awful choices only to see more people lose their lives defending her in later season. In addition, she has had to deal with other survivors thinking she’s been bit, witness all kinds of abuse, and other, similarly “pleasant" experiences. In the previous episode, A New Frontier, Clementine had to deal with a group of survivors who started out with good intentions and ended up twisted in all kinds of ways—which is par for the course in this series and the TV show. The end of the episode finds Clementine heading out of Richmond (where her journey had taken her) to find AJ, the baby of one of Clementine’s fellow survivors that Clementine once thought dead.

We don’t have too much information on the plot of the final season, but I have a hunch it won’t be a happy one. Clementine, as the developers have pointed out, has become a symbol of hope throughout the franchise, so I’m very interested to see what her ultimate fate will be. One of the screenshots Telltale tweeted today shows Clementine’s famous cap abandoned in the middle of a field, which I wouldn’t describe as a hopeful screenshot. Still, I have a hard time believing Telltale will kill this extremely popular character. No word yet on a release date, but I don’t think it’s too far into the future. Looking forward to seeing where Clementine’s journey ends?

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