Time-Rewinding Narrative Adventure ‘Life is Strange’ Episodes 4 and 5 Now Available on Mobile

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This past December, Dontnot Entertainment and Square Enix released their well-received 2015 console and PC narrative adventure game Life is Strange (Free)on iOS. It’s an episodic game that’s split into five episodes, and the way it works on iOS is that your initial purchase lands you the first episode with subsequent episodes available as IAP. While we absolutely enjoyed playing this game on the touchscreen back in December, it was only really part of the game as only the first three episodes were available initially. Well that changes today as a new update has arrived for Life is Strange on iOS which adds in the final two episodes as DLC.

With its incredible production values which include licensed music, full (and good!) voice acting, and really impressive visuals, Life is Strange is one of the better adventures you can play on a mobile device. The time-rewinding mechanic that is central to the entire game is really neat to explore, and there’s something that’s just believable and relatable about the characters and setting in the game. It might not be for everyone but for those that like this type of game it’s certainly one of the best. The base game with the first episode is $2.99, and episode 2 will set you back just 99¢. Then the final 3 episodes are $4.99 apiece, or you can save some serious money by picking up the full season pass IAP for $8.99. However you end up doing it, Life is Strange is worth the scratch and I’m happy to finally see it in completed form on iOS.

UPDATE: Just after posting this story, Life is Strange dropped to free in the App Store, which means you can now check out the entire first episode of the game for zero money. Go do that!

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