SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Aftercharge’, ‘Outlast 2’, ‘Snake Pass’, and More

Welcome to the latest SwitchArcade Roundup, where we are covering the latest in Nintendo Switch game announcements, releases, and sales! After a slow Monday, perhaps the industry resting up after GDC, Tuesday brings some fresh news and some new releases to brighten up the Switch-owner’s day. We’ve got some news about the intriguing multiplayer shooter Aftercharge, a new ARMS trial, and a horror experience in Outlast 2 among other games. Let’s jump in and see what’s new in the world of the Nintendo Switch:


Aftercharge coming to Switch this summer

The 3v3 objective-based shooter Aftercharge is not only releasing publicly this summer, but also the game is coming to the Switch…with full cross-platform multiplayer support. Here, you either play on a team that can turn invisible and attack the energy cores on the map, trying to destroy them all. The other team has guns and are invincible, trying to wipe out the other team in its entirety before they destroy all cores. It’s fast, frantic, and makes for some interesting matchups, as I saw at PAX South earlier this year.

I’m excited for this one on Switch, especially since it’s going to support cross-platform between the Xbox and Steam versions. If you have a PC, you can check out the next public alpha playtest on April 14th, ahead of the game’s release this summer. This sort of multiplayer shooter feels like an underrepresented genre on the Switch, so Aftercharge could be an intriguing fit.

ARMS Testpunch starts on Friday

ARMS is one of those games that I’ve been curious about, but haven’t wanted to drop the full price on the game without spending some time on it. Thankfully, a Global Testpunch is available this weekend, starting on Friday and running through Monday. You can download the Global Testpunch version from the eShop, and participate in this trial version this weekend, and see what the game is about. Perhaps there’s a future for this game if enough players pick this one up, especially with so many new Switch owners since Christmas?

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire delayed indefinitely

One of the more fascinating mobile ports unfortunately saw a delay due to bugs with Switch software version 5.0. Deep Silver closed off preorders for the game until they can get the game ready for re-launch. Manticore is a paid-only Switch version of Galaxy on Fire 3, which controversially was a free-to-play title on mobile. Hopefully the bugs get fixed soon, or the recent Switch software update 5.0.1 clears up the bugs and makes this game ready for release soon. You can get a refund if you desire, though.

Sling Ming releases on April 5th

I’m a big fan of swinging/grappling hook mechanics in games, and Sling Ming looks like a swinging puzzle platformer I can dig into. Plenty of levels, a compelling visual style, and lots of swinging should make this an entertaining one. It hits Switch and Steam on April 5th.

Morphite updated to support motion controls

Have you played the Metroid Prime-esque Morphite yet? If not, then now’s a great time to dive into the Switch version, as an update just added motion controls. I’m glad to see this control method starting to take off after Splatoon 2 reintroduced to the world just how powerful they can be. Combined with the joystick for large movements, pointing with the Joy-Con lets the player easily tack opponents and make subtle aiming moves. It just feels better once you get used to it. When Fortnite hits the Switch, I’m going to play a bunch with motion controls just to maybe finally rack up my first solo Victory Royale on people who will default to joystick controls at first. Joysticks are the past…motion is the future. Train on Morphite first. Also, this makes me want to bust out the Wii and give Metroid Prime 3 a fair shake, perhaps.

New Releases

Outlast 2

Are you recovered from the first Outlast and its DLC on Switch that released last month? Hope so, because Outlast 2 is out now, taking you into the Arizona desert to deal with a cult fearing the Anti-Christ, and plenty of supernatural horror elements. The game seems extremely messed up, and if you like that sort of theme in your games, you might want to check this out now that it’s on Switch!

Atelier Lydie & Suelle “The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings"

This is a new JRPG, the latest in the long-running Atelier series, and the close of the “Mysterious" series. I’m pretty sure this is one of those titles that has a built-in audience, since the trailer’s all in Japanese voiceover, and the eShop page doesn’t even have any screenshots of the game. This sounds like one of those games where if you know what it is, you know you what you’re getting into. If not, well, there’s always YouTube.

Warp Shift

There’s only room for one “originally released on mobile by Fishbits port to the Switch" game today on the eShop, and that’s Warp Shift. You have to make it to the end of levels not just by manipulating your character, but through manipulating the layout of the mazes themselves. This is another mobile title that should hopefully see a fresh new audience on a more traditional console.

D/Generation HD

Robert Cook’s 1991 action-puzzler gets a modern revival with a look that combines retro appeal with more modern visuals. Also, the eShop page is totally unreadable due to the font and color choice. I’m glad that creators can revive titles that perhaps could use a fresh audience, especially with the change in tastes since 1991, and with console gamers having a wider palate than they were once perceived to have. But seriously, buy this one from Nintendo’s site, not from the on-device eShop lest you permanently sear your retinas.


Scribblenauts Showdown ($19.99 from $39.99 until April 1st)

Huh, this new Scribblenauts game went on sale really soon, isn’t it? The game avoids the traditional Scribblenauts structure to focus on a multiplayer party game experience centered around the series’ word-based mechanics. If this intrigued you, perhaps now’s a good time to check it out at this deep discount!

Snake Pass ($9.99 from $19.99 until April 10th)

Sumo Digital updated one of the first Switch titles, Snake Pass with a new Arcade mode, adding a new speedrun element to the existing levels. And it’s half-off! But more importantly to some folks: the game includes a new icon that’s not just a giant snake face any more.

Hollow ($9.79 from $19.99 until April 5th)

I’m not sure I see the appeal of horror titles on a system that costs $300 to replace if you get bad luck if you drop it in terror, unless you’re only playing horror games in TV mode. You do you, SwitchArcade readers. And hey, if you like sci-fi horror as opposed to Outlast‘s more contemporary theme, maybe check this one out while it’s under ten bucks. It also launched just last month, and this kind of half-off discount already seems a little worrying. Same with Scribblenauts Showdown, which launched three weeks ago. Not really a healthy sign, is it?

ChromaGun ($13.99 from $19.99 until April 5th)

The setup of being dropped into a surprisingly-dangerous test chamber facility with only a special gun to help you sure seems familiar! Here, you use the eponymous color-shooting gun to shoot red, blue, and yellow through different test chambers, mixing colors and trying to survive the deadly traps that are set. The game has a demo if you want to check this out while you wait for Valve or some publisher to release Portal on the Switch!

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