GDC 2018: Noodlecake is Working on a Official Android Port of ‘Getting Over It’

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We’ve already posted quite a bit about Getting Over It ($4.99), and if you haven’t played it, you’re really missing out. It’s yet another one of those intentionally janky physics games, but this one is just infuriating as it seems to be entirely designed around one small slip-up resulting in loads of lost progress. (This is way more fun than it sounds.)

At GDC we got a quick look at an official port of Getting Over It that Noodlecake is working on for Android. There’s not much news here beyond that, but the official version is coming soon pending Noodlecake testing the game on sixty million different Android devices to make sure everyone who plays it has a great experience. (Or, well, as great of an experience as you can have falling down a hill you spent 30 minutes awkwardly climbing.)

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