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GDC 2018: Fulfill Your Desire for Childish Mischief by Blowing Up Toys in ‘Firecracker Fight’

Many kids of a certain age group get these wild desires to destroy stuff. Whether it’s Dennis the Menace with his slingshot or Bart Simpson with… his slingshot, there’s some sort of primal desire to cause destructive mischief when you’re little. And maybe when you’re big, too. That’s sort of the premise behind Firecracker Fight, the first mobile game from developer Low Five Studio. You’ll be tossing firecrackers (and eventually other, even more explosive items) towards waves of different toys in an effort to blow them to smithereens. The launching mechanic is really satisfying as you’ll simply pull back on the explosive and release it when the aiming line is where you want it, but it has that element of leading your shots to line up with the moving vehicles, sort of like being a quarterback and leading a pass to a receiver. It just feels GOOD when you nail it. Also, being that these are firecrackers with fuses, you can’t take all day to aim your shot, so there’s some urgency that comes into play to keep you on your toes. Check out our hands-on look at Firecracker Fight below and look for the game to launch in the next month or so.