Replays Coming to ‘Fortnite’ – and Possibly ‘PUBG Mobile’ As Well?

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Good news, Fortnite (Free) players: Epic Games is adding replays to Fortnite! This is part of Unreal Engine 4.20 (blaze it) and will enable players to watch a complete replay of their match from any angle, adn from any player’s point of view. The debut video focuses on how content creators can take advantage of replays, and it’s absolutely true. The quality of PUBG GIFs and videos went up when that game added replays, and everyone could rewatch their matches, and create cinematic camera angles for their videos. However, everyday players can take advantage of replays too.

The obvious application is essentially kill cams. Soemtimes kills in battle royale games like Fortnite are sudden, out of nowhere. Now you can see just how that prick got you. It was probably your fault for not checking that hill before advancing. But there is also strong learning potential. Want to see just how the Victory Royale player got that win? Watch their playthrough and see just how they got their advantages, and learn from their building strategies.

The video mentions controller support for replays, so this is likely coming to consoles as well as PC. There’s no word if mobile specifically will get replays, but there’s no reason to believe that it won’t, even if eventually. It’s all running in-engine, and Fortnite on mobile so far has everything that the other games have, so mobile plyaers might get to watch and share for themselves. Plus, consider that iOS now has easy screen recording tools: sharing clips from mobile Fornite might be easier than ever.

What’s also interesting is that because replay technology isn’t just coming to Fortnite, the technology is coming to Unreal Engine, and PUBG Mobile (Free) runs on Unreal, Fornite replays could enable PUBG Mobile replays. All this after PUBG on PC perhaps popularized the feature for battle royale games. It’s the circle of life! Keep an eye out in the future for Fortnite replays. Seriously, I want to see just who killed me and why, because it keeps happening.

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