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GDC 2018: ‘Foodie Trucks’ is a Shockingly In-Depth Food Truck Management Sim 8 Years in the Making

One of the neat things about the App Store and the indie explosion of the last ten years is that there are a ton of hobbyist developers who work on their dream game in the bits and pieces of spare time between their normal everyday lives. Shaun Peoples of Durham Games has been doing just that for the past eight years on a surprisingly deep food truck management sim called Foodie Trucks. Here you’ll start from the bottom with a junker food truck and you’ll create a menu from scratch and then go peddle it to hungry people around your city. The awesome thing about this game is just how deep it goes in terms of creating your business. You can trick out your truck in all sorts of ways, create dishes from scratch and even control things like the saltiness or sweetness levels depending on what’s in demand by your customers, and more. And of course as you can see in this video you can customize your character quite a bit which led us to create an alien version of Eli. Look for Foodie Trucks to launch sometime this summer.