‘Clash Royale’ League Challenge Now Live, Offering Prizes and Pro Esports Opportunity

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The latest major esports challenge for *Clash Royale* (Free) is now live in the app. The **Clash Royale League Challenge** will help players potentially get involved with professional CR teams by winning the challenge. The first step is winning this challenge. Players need to get 20 wins before they lose three times in order to complete the event. From there, they can sign up for other tournaments only open to 20-win players, in order to draw attention from professional *Clash Royale* teams looking for players for the upcoming Clash Royale League.

What is the Clash Royale League? Well, it’s a team-based league as opposed to the individual-based championships that Supercell hosted in 2017. How will teams work in a league-based format for a game whose competitive format is 1v1? Supercell might use a format where teams’ individual players match up against other teams, or even have round-robin formats where teams could have rosters where they only send a few players into matches against the other team, trying to find the best matchups with players’ decks and strategies. Or, it can be something similar to *Hearthstone* (Free) or fighting games where the team sponsors the individual in league contests. Team affiliation will also help give viewers something to latch onto, as opposed to just individual players.

If you want to potentially go pro in *Clash Royale* in 2018, your road starts today in the Clash Royale League Challenge, and runs through March 19th. You get three free entries, and there are in-game prizes including treasure chests and cards for playing.

Good luck trying to get 20 wins in the challenge, as you’ll have to be really good against the other opponents facing the challenge, and one or two mismatches might sink you. But if you want to play *Clash Royale* professionally, well, nobody said becoming an esports star was gonna be easy.

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