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‘Supertype’ is a Neat Physics Puzzler that Uses the Alphabet, from the Maker of ‘Zip–Zap’ and ‘Sometimes You Die’

I am constantly impressed with the ingenuity in developer Philipp Stollenmayer aka Kamibox’s mobile games. I mean, where does he come up with these ideas? His latest is a game called supertype, and it’s a physics puzzler that’s literally built out of the letters of the alphabet. You’ll type the letters onto the screen and then when ready you’ll let them fall into the level and let the physics engine do what it does. The unique shapes and attributes of the letters will hopefully allow you to reach the goal marker. Like letting the curvature of an “m" swing on a post and knock the dot on an “i" into the goal. It’s much easier explained by simply watching this trailer for supertype.

How cool is that? I would have never imagined using letters in that way. It kind of reminds me of a completely different style game that used letters and words in a similar manner called Typoman, which is out on consoles and desktop and at one point was destined for mobile. It also reminds me of that old shooter Vetica from way back in the day, which used letters and symbols as ships and enemies. Anyway, using letters in unique ways is fun! While there’s no firm release date for supertype, Kamibox expects it to be finished up in the next 6-8 weeks, so in the meantime feel free to visit the forum thread to talk about this one.