Amazing Arcade Racer ‘Horizon Chase’ Is Getting a Hawaii Cup Update, With New Tracks, Cars and Much More

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Oh boy, the hours I’ve put into Horizon Chase (Free). To be honest, I don’t really want to know the amount of time this game has stolen from me, but its brilliant retro arcade mechanics combined with really tight controls make what is one of the most compelling racing titles on the App Store – and one that really emphasises mobile gaming’s qualities in almost every aspect of its design. We loved Horizon Chase in our review around the title’s launch, and have continued to adore the game as it’s been updated with additional content over the years. However, just as you thought you may have been released from the game’s grasp, developer Aquiris has just announced a brand new update that is sure to suck you straight back into the title’s low-poly world. In contrast to the very cold weather conditions of late, the next cup in Horizon Chase is set in the sunny climate of Hawaii, and should be available to download on App Store very soon (and is available for any Android users right now).

Considering the previous update featuring the Australia Cup came out on the game’s year anniversary in 2016, I had started to think that was the end of Horizon Chase’s mobile support, but I’m so glad to be proven wrong here. The new Hawaii Cup really brings the most out of Horizon Chase’s cel-shaded graphics with its bright color palette, and nine new tracks promise some truly luscious environments to drift around in the vehicle of your choice. Fitting brilliantly with the theme, a rainbow-colored camper van with 6 (yes, six) nitro boosts is also included, as well as a more dark and brooding Elite 275 car that possesses the highest top speed yet. If you’re a devout fan of Horizon Chase, this new content is a fantastic excuse to break out that racing helmet (safety first, kids) and jump straight back onto the grid. If you somehow missed the game first time around, there has never been a better time to make amends and try out the game today, especially with its free price of entry (with one IAP to unlock the full game). Look out for the full details of the Hawaii Cup update for Horizon Chase very soon on iOS, and let us know your impressions on our forum thread.

(Thanks Failgunner for the tip!)

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