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Superhero Brawler ‘DC Unchained’ Up for Pre-Registration, Two New Trailers Released

Announced in August of last year, developer 4:33 and Warner Bros. are teaming up to bring a new free to play superhero brawler to mobile called DC Unchained. You’ll choose from over 30 different DC Superheroes and Villains to fight in teams of three through iconic DC locations like Gotham City and Metropolis. Yes, it’s more or less a DC version of Marvel Future Fight (Free), and I’m totally OK with that! In December 4:33 unveiled a brand new trailer for DC Unchained alongside news that they would be performing a closed beta test of the game on Android in January. That beta test continues in select regions, but now DC Unchained is up for pre-registration as well ahead of its planned global release sometime this year. They’ve also created two new trailers showing off the Superheroes and Villains in the game.

As with most free to play game pre-registration campaigns, there are some rewards for those who pre-register for DC Unchained. If you head over to the official website (which is extremely animated and makes my laptop as hot as the sun’s surface) you can find links to pre-register as well as a rundown of all the various rewards you might get based on how many people also sign up. Pre-registration is open for both iOS and Android users. There’s also more information on the game itself and some additional character videos to check out on the website. Overall if you enjoy super grindy free to play character collector games like Marvel Future Fight and its ilk, and you ALSO really like DC characters, then DC Unchained is worth getting excited for when it arrives at some point in 2018.