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Line-Drawing Physics Puzzler ‘Polar Rollout’ Coming April 18th, Up for Pre-Order Now

There was a time in the App Store when you couldn’t avoid seeing a physics puzzler at every turn, which is fine and all, but once a genre gets overly-saturated like that it’s hard to get excited for each new release. Well like many of the most overdone genres on mobile, there also comes a point where enough time has passed and you’re actually in a mood for one of those games again. That’s how I felt when I saw the trailer for Polar Rollout from developer Blue Evolution. Your job here is to draw a path using the touchscreen that your character can roll along destroying any enemies in its path and making it to the goal. Here’s a trailer.

Polar Rollout will include 120 levels across 6 different worlds and will come with multiple playable characters to unlock and a host of unique special abilities. It looks cute and well-designed, and like I said before I’m actually in the mood for a new physics puzzler at this point in my mobile gaming life. If you feel the same then you can actually pre-order Polar Rollout ahead of its planned April 18th release date. Just click this link on an iOS 11 device and be magically whisked away to the App Store where you can pre-order and then the game will similarly magically automatically download to your device when it arrives. For more you can drop by the forum thread which has been chugging along for more than two years as the game has been in development.