Ketchapp’s Latest Twitchy Sensation ‘Flippy’ Hit the App Store this Weekend

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Ketchapp releases so many games nowadays it’s hard to even keep track. And on top of just releasing a ton of games, the vast majority of them end up breaking into the top games chart, sometimes just briefly but often for weeks or months at a time. It’s truly remarkable. Anyway, their latest game, which launched on the sly with little fanfare or warning this past Friday, is called Flippy (Free). It’s a riff on those side-scrolling auto-run platformers that have you switching from the top of whatever surface you’re running on to the bottom, where you’re essentially running on the “ceiling" of the level. You do this to avoid hazards and as the game progresses things start moving awfully fast, making this an extremely twitchy experience.

Probably the coolest thing about Flippy (and I’m terribly annoyed Ketchapp doesn’t have an official trailer for this game but hopefully the brief Twitter video below will do) is how the music and visuals sort of “trip out" the longer you play. The soundtrack is some punchy electronic music that will either speed up or slow down depending on what’s happening in the game, and it’s a really eerie effect. The levels also twist and turn around in all directions, and in general despite Flippy using silhouettes for its army of unlockable characters it’s a very colorful game. Basically there are points when I’m playing this game that I feel like I accidentally took the brown acid.

Naturally Flippy is free to play with ads and an in-game currency for unlocking new characters, and you can remove ads for a $2.99 IAP or get a coin doubler for a $1.99 IAP if you want to get rid of the free to play junk. Flippy is surprisingly fun so if you enjoy these types of flipping runners I’d definitely suggest checking this one out.

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    Run, flip and speed up! Avoid spikes and try to overtake as many runners as possible. Complete missions, unlock new runners and challenge your friends. Running is fun - enjoy your run!
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