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‘Box Cat’ Developer Giving Canines Some Love with ‘Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter’, Coming this Thursday and Up for Pre-Order Now

You may know indie developer Rusty Moyher from his great same-device multiplayer games like Astro Party (Free) or Bloop ($4.99), or perhaps from his clever “flapformer" SHAARK! ($0.99) or even from his 2017 Train Jam game-jam-game-turned-full release Train Bandit (Free). But more than likely you’ll recognize his name from the twitchy cat-themed arcade games Box Cat ($1.99) and its spin-off Box Cat Bash (Free). Yep, that Rusty sure does love cats! “But what about DOGS!?" I hear roughly half the population crying, and Mr. Moyher aims to please fans of both animals with his newest game Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter. This blends three of the greatest gaming elements into one: Doggos, digging, and roguelikes. Check out the very adorable trailer.

There are two main modes in Dig Dog. The first is called Bone Hunt, and it’ll have you battling enemies, digging for bones, and discovering shops to buy a variety of items across four different worlds of increasing difficulty, and you can “Expect to die a lot." Then there’s Free Dig mode which is inspired by the zen-like masterpiece Desert Golfing ($1.99). Your progress will be continuously saved as you dig through an infinite set of levels with only minor challenges and no Game Overs. I love Rusty’s games so I’m stoked to take a walk on the doggo side with Dig Dog when it launches this Thursday. If you’re on an iOS 11 device you can actually click this link right here to be taken to the App Store to pre-order the game, which is $2.99 with no IAP.