‘Stickman Disc Golf Battle’ Hits the App Store

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Last month we detailed the forthcoming new release from prolific mobile game developer Djinnworks, who you’d likely know from the Rope ‘n Fly series that’s been incredibly popular over the years or the many Stickman versions of popular sports games like Stickman Basketball (Free) and Stickman Soccer (Free). More recently Djinnworks has been focusing on full 3D Stickman sports games with a slant towards online competition, like their Stickman Skate Battle (Free) which launched in May of last year, Stickman Cross Golf Battle (Free) which launched in November of last year, and now the newest take in that series Stickman Disc Golf Battle (Free) which hit the App Store over the weekend. Check out the official launch trailer for Stickman Disc Golf Battle to see it in action.

As you could probably guess, Stickman Disc Golf Battle is really similar in structure to the game that inspired it, Stickman Cross Golf Battle. What sets this game apart obviously is that it’s disc-based instead of the traditional club and balls of golfing, and the disc physics here are really well done. Things like wind play an even larger role here than in a regular golfing game, and there’s really nothing quite as satisfying as launching your disc and watching it float gracefully up, down, and right into the basket of a hole. Like the previous Stickman sports battling games, there’s some free to play stuff to contend with in Stickman Disc Golf Battle but it’s of a pretty typical nature with lots of goodies flowing constantly but a longer grind to unlock more and more items and characters, which you can obviously speed up with IAP. Overall I’d highly recommend taking this one for a spin if you enjoy disc golf or just well-done online multiplayer games.

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