Super Bowl 52: How to Watch on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV – Best Football Games to Play While Watching

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Wondering how to watch the Super Bowl on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV? Thankfully, 2018 is the best year ever for watching the New England Patriots play the Philadelphia Eagles on a small screen. Multiple apps are streaming the game, and anyone with an iPhone in the US can watch the game for free. The game itself starts at 6:30 PM EST, but there will be plenty of pregame coverage as well.

NFL, Free The official NFL app will stream the game to iPhone and iPad this year. Watching the “big game" this year is really easy on mobile, as the Yahoo Sports app will be streaming the game on phones and tablets. In previous years, the NFL’s deal with Verizon made it so that there was no way to watch the game on a phone unless you were a Verizon customer. However, this deal is expiring, and there are now multiple ways to stream the Super Bowl on phones and tablets. The NFL app will not support streaming to external displays or via AirPlay.

Yahoo Sports: Scores and News, Free Yahoo also has the rights to stream the Super Bowl. No cable authentication or even Yahoo sign-in is required, beyond just downloading the app and streaming the game when it starts. The app worked well with great quality during the conference championship games. In case the NFL app runs into issues streaming the game, you will want to have multiple options available.

NBC Sports, Free NBC has the broadcast rights to the Super Bowl this year, and their app will stream the game. If you have an Apple TV and want to watch on there without authentication, this is the app to get. This should also support AirPlay.

Streaming TV services: Many of the new live TV streaming services have local channels. You’ll want to make sure that your package includes NBC. Because local affiliates are often owned by different media conglomerates, sometimes the service you pick will not have your channel in your area. Do your research on this one. Many of these services have free trials, as well!

  • DirecTV Now
  • Hulu
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Sling (Free)
  • YouTube TV

International options:

If you’re in Canada, CBC will be streaming the game from their app (Free). In the UK and Ireland, Sky Sports will have the game streaming, including through their app. Otherwise, NFL Game Pass will stream the game.

Games to play during the game

Wind up at a friend’s house and don’t want to hear any more out of the pregame shows? Or you need something to do when the Pats crush the Eagles, as America probably deserves? Well, the good news is that there are some good football games on mobile.

MADDEN NFL MOBILE FOOTBALL, Free The core football game here is actually really good, as it streamlines the Madden gameplay down into a touchscreen-friendly setup. However, if you’re just looking for a simple game of football, this is not it, as like EA’s other sports titles, this focuses on the Ultimate Team aspect. Still, if you like building up a team of your favorite players, and taking on other players’ constructed rosters, and making deals for better players, you’ll have a good time with this one if you know what to expect.

Football Heroes Pro Online - NFL Players Unleashed, Free While this doesn’t feature an NFL license, it does have the NFLPA license, so all the players are real. Run Games makes a fun 2D, overly-violent football game, complete with ridiculous powerups. If you miss NFL Blitz, this is in the same vein while having its own take on the surreal football genre. Plus, there’s real-time online mutliplayer, which just adds a new dimension of fun to a great experience.

Marshawn Lynch Pro Football, $1.99 The game of football is at its best when Marshawn Lynch is out there running through defenders’ faces, eating Skittles, and dancing on the sidelines. Full Fat’s second game featuring the Beast Mode running back is a more realistic effort than Marshawn Lynch Blocky Football (Free). You’ll run through a variety of challenges, dodging tacklers and going through obstacle courses.

Ted Ginn: Kick Return, Free This game is interesting for two reasons: one, it approaches football from a unique perspective, of the kick returner. You get points for scoring touchdowns, but getting into field goal range is also considered a success. The other reason is that it features a rather obscure celebrity endorsement: Ted Ginn Jr. While he’s an accomplished kick returner, he’s not a particularly famous player, and while he’s coming off a career year for the Saints, this game is a couple years old. It still gets updates, and is a fun throwback to the heyday of line-drawing games.

Flick Quarterback 22, Free After the Patriots probably knock Nick Foles around like a pinata, you’ll want to see some fine quarterbacking, even if it’s virtual. Full Fat’s got a fun, continuing series with the Flick Quarterback games, with their famous flick controls to go along with the various high score challenges and career progression that will keep you coming back even well after the Super Bowl is over.

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