The Latest ‘Pokemon Go’ Trailer is Narrated by Stephen Fry

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Niantic is really upping their trailer game with the latest promotional video for Pokemon Go (Free), it’s narrated by Stephen Fry of… well, loads of things. Additionally, ot’s scored by George Fenton who among other things is responsible for the music of the Planet Earth series, Life, Frozen Planet, and loads more. It all comes together to create a animated short that I really wish was more than a minute long, check it out:

Featured in the video are pokemon from the Hoenn region which are now appearing in Pokemon Go. Do you know your pokemon well enough to be able to name the pokemon in this trailer? I’ve got to admit, I’m more of a classic Pokemon Red / Blue kinda guy, so a lot of these newfangled pokemon are sort of lost on me. Sign of the times, I suppose.

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