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‘Run Gun Sports’ is a Track and Field Game Where Your Legs are Guns, Coming this Thursday

Perusing our Upcoming Games Forum, I was instantly sold on a game called Run Gun Sports when it described itself as a track and field game but your legs are guns. I feel like pretty much any game that involves a description that includes “…but your legs are guns" is an instant winner in my book. I mean, Downwell ($2.99) anyone? As for the game itself, it looks just as silly as that premise sounds. You’ll compete in some typical track and field events but with the benefit of being able to fire bullets out of your feet. The blast from those bullets can actually help propel you through the air making for some truly superhuman acrobatic feats. Check out the trailer for Run Gun Sports to see what I mean.

Did I mention that your legs are guns? Run Gun Sports will feature several types of events including hurdles, high jump, horizontal bars, and long jump, and more than 90 different levels with even more already planned for future updates. You’ll be able to represent the flag of your own country in competitions across the world in cities like Barcelona, Atlanta, and Athens that have affiliations with that one major international sporting competition that happens every 4 years and whose name currently escapes me. You’ll also be able to get sponsored by the most well-known sporting brands including “BEEROOK and PURRMA." And of course, Run Gun Sports will include multiple types of guns for your legs including things like a bazooka, shotgun, and flame thrower, each with their own unique effects. Truly this is a special time to be alive so look for Run Gun Sports when it launches later this week.

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