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‘Uncivil War’ is a Fast-Paced Multiplayer Card Game that’s Looking for Beta Testers

Iron Horse Games has teamed up with Yo to the Yo! (Free) developer Purple Pwny Studios to create a fast-paced card battling game called Uncivil War, and they’re currently looking for beta testers to offer some feedback. Uncivil War is loosely based on the classic high/low card game War that we all played when we were kids and has you recruiting soldiers and building up an army which you’ll take into battle in PvP against other live players or PvE in the single-player campaign. With more than 200 unique cards Uncivil War hopes to add the strategy and competitive play of games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering but condensed into the quick, approachable battles that are the heart of War. Here’s some gifs showing Uncivil War in action.

As someone who loves the idea of card battlers but has always struggled to get into them due to their complexity, the more simplified but still strategic style of Uncivil War is really appealing to me. If you also like the idea of it then you can throw your hat in the ring to take it for an early test drive by visiting the forum thread for Uncivil War and hitting the link for signing up to beta test. It sounds like the developers are really keen on getting feedback from actual players to help steer the direction that Uncivil War ultimately takes both in its development leading up to release and for post-release updates. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one and will let you know when a release window is announced.