Fantastic Simulation Game ‘Game Dev Tycoon’ Heading to Android January 31st

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After rumors circulated for years that it would be coming to mobile, this past November Greenheart Games’ fantastic simulation Game Dev Tycoon ($4.99) really did arrive on the App Store. In it you’ll open up a game development business and create all sorts of games in the hopes of bringing happiness to your customers and maybe even turning a profit while you’re at it. Game Dev Tycoon was heavily inspired by Kairosoft’s all-time classic Game Dev Story, but offered up a different enough spin on the formula that it was a welcome arrival on iOS. We loved it in our 5 star review and also made sure to include it on our list of the Top 100 Games of 2017. Now our Android friends will be able to get in on the fun as well when Game Dev Tycoon launches on Android on January 31st.

Back when Game Dev Tycoon was just a desktop game you may remember it making headlines due to its extremely novel and amusing take on anti-piracy protection. Basically Greenheart released a special cracked version of their own game and uploaded to pirating sites themselves. This version was essentially unwinnable, as at some point during your game dev career your games would be pirated so much you’d start hemorrhaging money and eventually go bankrupt. Being that Android is a much easier platform to pirate games on than iOS, I’m curious if Greenheart has anything sneaky up their sleeves in preparation for the Android launch. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but remember kids, pay for those games! And of course check out Game Dev Tycoon when it hits Android on the 31st.

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