Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and More Cartoon Network Shows Arrive in ‘Magic Jigsaw Puzzles’

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Jigsaw puzzles are fun, but they’re also kind of a pain in the butt. First of all you need kind of a lot of space where you can put them together, and if you’re not going to finish a whole puzzle in one sitting then it’s going to be taking up that space until you’re finished. I remember not using our coffee table for a whole month as me and my roommates slowly pieced together a particularly difficult puzzle. Then there’s the problem of losing or bending pieces, which can ruin hours of work. Similar to board games with their many pieces to keep track of, puzzles have benefited greatly from touchscreen devices becoming popular. Sure, it’s not quite the same as doing a puzzle in real life, but you can carry dozens of puzzles with you in your pocket and you’re never going to lose a piece. It’s pretty cool. One of the best digital puzzle apps around is Zimad’s Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (Free) which has been offering literally thousands of puzzles to players for several years now. This week they announced a partnership that piqued our interest as the latest update to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles adds in some of your favorite Cartoon Network personalities. Check it out.

Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, and The Powerpuff Girls are all included in this latest update, and more shows are planned for updates in the coming months. Another cool benefit to a digital jigsaw puzzle is that you can choose the number of pieces you want for each picture meaning you can adjust the difficulty to suit your taste. The puzzles in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles range from a simple 12 pieces all the way up to a very tricky 630 pieces. If Cartoon Network stars aren’t your thing, there are thousands and thousands of other types of puzzles for you to choose, or you can upload your own photos and create personalized puzzles. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is free to download and try and you can either get new puzzles as you go buy using in-game coins earned through watching ads or buying IAP, or you can buy a subscription which basically gives you free reign to the entire collection. I know puzzles might not be the MOST exciting thing in the world for the TouchArcade audience, but I thought this Cartoon Network partnership was pretty cool and figured there might be some jigsaw puzzle lovers out there. So if that describes you, give Magic Jigsaw Puzzles a download for free and check out these new Cartoon Network puzzles.

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