Take a Look at the Trailer for the Fourth Episode of Telltale’s ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’

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Telltale’s continuation of Batman: The Telltale Series (Free), Batman: The Enemy Within (Free) is racing towards its conclusion with the fourth episode due out across PC, consoles, and mobile next Tuesday. The formula Telltale usually follows with these episodic games typically leads to episode four rapidly building towards the conclusion of the story with the fifth episode delivering all the pay-off to that built-up. Check out the trailer:

I really am into these Batman games. I’ve mentioned this whenever I’ve posted about them, but I really appreciate how they actually intensely involve playing as Bruce Wayne in parallel with Batman. Decisions you make as each alter ego impacts the other, and it’s super clever how it all works out. It makes you wonder if otherwise good Batman games in the past wouldn’t have been better had then not just largely disregarded Bruce Wayne in exchange for Batman-centric action.

Anyway, the latest episode will be released next week, and if you’re even remotely interested in the Batman IP you should check out one (or both) of Telltale’s games.

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