‘Food Pals’ is the Adorable New Game from ‘Impossible Road’ Developer Kevin Ng, and It’s Available Now

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Developer Kevin Ng created a smash hit back in May of 2013 with the stylish and frantic Impossible Road ($2.99), but several months before that he was also involved with a cute and quirky side-scrolling platformer called Food Run. This was an auto-running style of platformer, and while it didn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel or anything it was one of the more polished and quirky runners on the App Store. It was also novel for being both level-based and fully premium, unlike most of its contemporaries, and it just gushed with fun and personality. Unfortunately Food Run eventually went the way of the dodo, but Ng has resurrected this old favorite with a completely remade version called Food Pals ($2.99) which just hit the App Store earlier today.

As you can see in that short trailer, Food Pals is cute as all get out, and much like the original game it bucks the trends of most runners by offering 38 hand-crafted levels to play and no ads or IAP of any kind. Also that is some kick ass polka music. Besides all the running and jumping you’ll do in Food Pals, you’ll also want to collect all the stars strewn about the level as well as any other food items you come across (your Food Pals) so they can follow you along towards the finish line. Both of these are much easier said than done, but for completionists it’ll add an extra dose of challenge trying to 100% each of the game’s levels. Much like the original Food Run, Food Pals offers very straightforward platforming in an adorable premium package, so if you’re looking for a new runner without the usual free to play BS I highly recommend checking it out and sharing your thoughts about it in our forums.

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