New ‘Prizefighters’ Update Adds New Customization and Control Options, Online Multiplayer in the Works

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There’s a surprising lack of quality boxing games in the App Store, but developer Koality Game added one to the list when they released their excellent arcade/sim hybrid Prizefighters (Free) just over a month ago. Taking cues from the classic Puch Out! in terms of presentation and core mechanics, Prizefighters actually plays a whole lot differently and features a really satisfying career mode and progression system for your boxer. And despite being released so late in the year, we still picked Prizefighters as one of our Top 100 Game of 2017. It’s really good! In just that short amount of time since it came out, Koality has already released several updates for Prizefighters tweaking and polishing the experience, the most significant of which has landed this week.

This update adds even more customization options to Prizefighters, and you now have the ability to change the colors of the ring ropes, the mat, and the ring posts. Oh, and most important of all, you can now customize the color of the stripe on your boxer’s shorts! You’re also now able to change the name and country of origin of your opponents in Career Mode, in case you want to beat the snot out of your boss or something. There are also new flag options added for Albania, Brunei, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Lebanon, and Paraguay, which should make our Lebanese friend Metalcasket pretty happy. While somewhat superfluous, I actually love all the customization options in Prizefighters as it’s fun to play around and personalize things to your own taste.

Some of the more meaningful non-visual changes include a new virtual button control option for those that want something more traditional, the ability to block by pressing two fingers on the screen instead of swiping (I’m a big fan of this change as it feels way more natural), and a new option for zooming the view in or out which is especially helpful if you’re like me and mostly play in landscape mode, which was kinda too zoomed out for my taste by default. Best of all is that this latest update lays the foundation for two major features to come, which are full MFi controller support and–drumroll please–online multiplayer! Koality is hoping to get those features nailed down in the next month or so, but for now if you have yet to give Prizefighters a shot there’s no reason not to give it a download for free and drop by the forum thread where players have been discussing the game since launch.

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