Playdigious Is Looking for Beta Testers for a Mysterious Unnnaounced Adventure Game

Playdigious, if you haven’t heard of them before, is a mobile games publisher responsible for some ridiculously great games. They brought Evoland ($0.99) to mobile, as well as White Night ($4.99) and loads of other great games. (To the point that if you asked what their best game is, I wouldn’t even know what to tell you.) Well, they recently kicked off a closed beta on our forums for an “unannounced adventure game" that’s so secret they’re going to make participants sign a non-disclosure agreement. While beta tests on our forums aren’t a new thing, this level of secrecy is … curious.

Playdigious has a heck of a lineup, and are known for bringing games to the App Store that you could pretty easily describe as “console quality." Whatever this beta test is for, I’m guessing it’s something pretty good, particularly if they’re not even naming the title of the game. If you’re into beta testing, swing by our forums, otherwise look forward to a followup in the future where we link back to this story and are like, “So this is what that beta test was for."