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‘Lord of Dice’ Pre-Registrations are Now Available for North America and Oceania

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Among the many interest things about the mobile game scene is when you hear of a game that’s super popular in Asian regions and then seeing how it does in the west. Arena of Valor (Free), for instance, is the biggest thing ever in China and comparatively has had a super slow launch so far in North America. Lord of Dice is the latest Asian game headed to North America and Oceania, and like all these games, they’re doing a pre-registration thing which you can find right here. Pre-registering gives you all sorts of goodies when the game actually launches, with rewards that scale up depending on how many people pre-register.

As far as the game itself, it looks pretty cool. Basically, Lord of Dice is a collection game which features over 200 different heroes and tactical battles that all play out with dice mechanics. If you’re not into the gacha scene, this likely won’t do a ton for you, but if you’re even remotely interested in these sorts of games it might worth pre-registering anyway just for a head start if you do find yourself getting sucked into Lord of Dice. Oh, and if you want to pre-order the game on the App Store, for some reason, you can do that too although it’s not super clear if you get any of the pre-registration bonuses by doing that.

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