The ‘Overwatch’ League App is Now Available

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In the world of esports, few things are as fascinating to me as The Overwatch League. I’m pretty big into the competitive League of Legends scene, but it’s always been a little weird to me how team allegiances are formed. In the “real" sports world, chances are you just prefer your local sports teams. When it comes to baseball, I’m a fan of the Chicago White Sox, just because they’re my local team. When it comes to esports, things get weird. You might have a streamer you prefer and just sort of gravitate towards the team they’re on, or maybe you just like their logo, or a million other reasons.

The Overwatch League approaches things a bit differently, in that they have regional teams with team names and logos that are more in line with what you’d expect with “real" sports teams. So, for instance, instead of “OpTic Gaming" in The Overwatch League they’re the Houston Outlaws. The theory is that each of these teams will have regional followings, so if you’re from Boston, you end up being a Boston Uprising fan. Many other elements in The Overwatch League is mirrored directly from the “real" sports world, like a season schedule, home and away games, player salaries, and all sorts of other things.

If nothing else, it’s a fascinating experiment, as Overwatch is a massively popular game and I think Blizzard is solving some unique problems facing the world of esports. Additionally, if you’d like to follow along with the development of The Overwatch league, stream games, and everything else you would ever need to be a professional Overwatch fan, go ahead and grab the app. Hopefully as the league expands we’ll get a team in Chicago, as it’s a little lame how there’s two Los Angeles teams and the closest thing to a Midwestern team is the two teams in Texas?

The first official season kicks off on January 10th, and to see the schedule you can either check the app or view their schedule over on the Overwatch web site.

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