‘Pathfinder Duels’ Card Battler Based on the ‘Pathfinder’ Universe Now Available

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The Pathfinder brand is huge in the world of tabletop RPGs, being a spinoff and extension of Dungeons & Dragons, and they’ve extended into the digital world with the Pathfinder Adventures (Free) mobile game, which was a digital adaptation of the physical tabletop game Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We enjoyed Pathfinder Adventures very much when it launched in May of 2016, and with numerous content updates and highly-requested iPhone support being added to the game since its launch it has remained one of the better RPG adventures on the App Store. Then this past August, 37Games announced their own officially licensed Pathfinder mobile game, this time a competitive card game called Pathfinder Duels (Free), and today that game has officially launched in the App Store.

I know what you might be thinking: “ANOTHER card battler??" Yes, there is a ton of competitive card battling games in the App Store, but where Pathfinder Duels hopes to make itself stand out is with its simultaneous turn-taking. Yes, rather than each player taking turns putting cards out on the board, in Pathfinder Duels each player will play their cards at the same time and then sit back and see how the action plays out on the board afterward. It sounds really cool, and another thing that sticks out to me is how Pathfinder Duels seems to be especially geared to playing on the iPhone. Many card battlers feel like they were designed for a large tablet screen first and foremost, with iPhone support being kind of an afterthought, so this is a nice change of pace. We’ll be digging into Pathfinder Duels over the next few days, but if you’ve had this one on your radar there’s no reason to hold off on checking out the game for free right now.

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