‘Minecraft’ Getting Adorable Turtles In the Near Future

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Minecraft‘s ($6.99) empty oceans are about to get much more populated once the upcoming Update Aquatic hits in 2018. The developers decided to give us an early present by teasing us about a new water mob, turtles. Turtles will make their nests on shorelines across various biomes, and their young ones will scamper down to the water, according to the official description. The turtle textures in the screenshot below will likely be temporary and might change before they are added to the game. That’s pretty much all the info we have on the turtles. I wonder if we’ll get any uses for turtle shells (guitars?), although I’d hate to have to kill those cute creatures.

I can’t wait to get the Update Aquatic and finally see the oceans populated with all kinds of sea creatures. The land has always been very busy, but the oceans and the skies have been really empty, a fact that made Minecraft maps less interesting. I’ve always loved the idea of building an underwater house, and now I’ll have plenty of fish and turtles swimming by my windows. What other water mobs do you want to see?

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