‘HQ Trivia’ Android Limited Beta Is Live, Aims for January 1st Release

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HQ Trivia (Free), the popular live quiz game that got a lot of attention in 2017 and whose prizes continue to grow daily, is now in Android limited Beta, and the developers are hoping that by New Year’s day they’ll manage to make the game available to all Android players. If you’re an Android player, you can head here to pre-register for the game and get notified when the game finally goes live. If you’re lucky, you might even get to play the beta before the game releases (the selection appears to be random). So, if all goes well, 2018 will see both iOS and Android players joining the HQ Trivia party.

Some iOS players, though, are complaining about the Android launch given the iOS version’s issues, especially with lag. HQ Trivia has grown immensely in just a couple of months, and the tech the developers use struggles to keep up. So, some players feel that the game first needs to work better on iOS and then expand. At the same time, the developers want to get as many people as possible playing the game so they can draw in more money from whatever their monetization plan is. We’ll see that 2018 holds for HQ Trivia.

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