Our ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly Roundup Is on Hiatus Until 2018

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Hello everyone. I hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday break and have more fun things to do in the upcoming week. Because of the holiday break, we won’t be publishing our customary Hearthstone (Free) weekly roundup this week or the next. It’s been a good year overall for the game, especially after the release of the latest adventure, Kobolds & Catacombs. The new single-player mode, Dungeon Run, has been well received, and the current meta feels fresh again. I do hope we get an in-game tournament mode at some point in 2018, since that’s one of the last big pieces missing from the game. From everyone here at TouchArcade, have a great card-slinging 2018. Now, enjoy the videos below, and I’ll see you all next year.



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