Pokémon GO’s iPhone Exclusive AR Mode Has Been Detailed, coming soon

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Niantic and The Pokémon Company International just announced an iOS 11 exclusive mode that will leverage Apple’s ARKit in Pokemon GO (Free). Apple introduced ARKit at WWDC earlier this year for iOS 11 and we’ve already seen many augmented reality games for iPhone 6s and newer devices. The AR+ mode will definitely make for a much more immersive experience while catching Pokémon here. We saw a bit of the ARKit Pokémon GO demo already at WWDC and if you missed it you can watch the short clip that was captured by one Reddit user in Pokemon Go below:

This AR+ Mode will be exclusive to iOS 11 and on iPhone 6s or newer devices. Once this feature is activated, the Pokémon positions will be more accurately positioned in the environment with size and orientation better represented with motion. In addition to visuals, there will be a more dynamic gameplay experience with trainers getting a special capture bonus by getting closer to a Pokémon. This of course also requires trainers to approach carefully since the Pokémon in question might flee. There will also be other benefits while using this exclusive mode like an Expert Handler bonus which gives you more XP and Stardust. If you play Pokémon GO regularly and have a recent iPhone, your experience is about to get a whole lot better.

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