‘Clash Royale’ Anime Trailer Looks Great

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Supecell has the art team (and money) to make some great Clash Royale (Free) commercials, and the latest one, called “Cards Coming to Life," is one of the best commercials yet. The commercial turns many of your favorite Clash Royale characters into perfectly designed anime characters that truly belong on your TV. It’s actually a bit funny that the commercial demonstrates how better Clash Royale‘s art would be if it adopted a style closer to anime versus the one it has now. And that’s saying something given how fun the current art style of the game is.

Supercell is asking if people like this new commercial and whether it should make more of them. The developer has been dabbling into animated episodes starring the Clash Royale characters, so I can see Supercell turning this anime experiment into a new animated series. Reddit seems to be pretty happy with the commercial, although there’s some commentary on the Musketeer’s outfit. What do you think of the commercial and this take on the game’s characters?

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