‘Shadowverse’ Chronogenesis Expansion Card Reveal – Furious Elder Weedman

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The collectible card game Shadowverse (Free) continues to grow, and soon we will see the game’s seventh expansion called Chronogenesis, coming December 28th. This huge set will add 138 cards to the game, which is much more than what we got from expansions in the past. The reason this expansion is larger is that it brings to the game an all new class called Portalcraft, the eighth of the game. So, the developers decided to add a ton of Portalcraft cards at once to bring the class into a playable state, able to compete with other ones. Portalcraft cards will add enchanted lifeforms and peculiar beings to the game (artifacts and puppets for instance), and their key distinction from other classes is the Resonance mechanic. Cards played with Resonate can activate special abilities and effects when there’s an even number of cards in your deck. You can read more about Portalcraft here.

Today, we get to reveal a card from the upcoming Chronogenesis called Furious Elder Weedman. This 2 cost Forestcraft Silver Follower card evolves to a 4/3 and has a Fanfare “Give +1/+0 to another allied Forestcraft follower." The art is, as always, lovely. This upcoming expansion is making evaluating cards trickier than before because it’s bringing set rotation to Shadowverse for the first time. The game will be split in Rotation and Unlimited, with Rotation including only the latest five card sets and Unlimited including every card possible (although we might see bans in the future). What do you think of Furious Elder Weedman?

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