Watch the ‘Hearthstone’ Kobolds & Catacombs Escape Room Live Today at 4:30PM PST

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Blizzard has been diversifying its Hearthstone (Free) pre-expansion push in all kinds of interesting ways, and after giving us things like the Critical Role episode the other day, today it’s putting on a Kobolds & Catacombs Escape Room live event starring some popular personalities like Trump and Day9. The participants will have to escape a custom-made Kobolds & Catacombs if they are to claim King Togwaggle’s gold. I’m very curious to see how Blizzard went about designing the various puzzles that will try and stop the team from busting out in time to get their hands on the gold. I expect fun shenanigans in this novel idea.

If you want to watch the Escape Room event, head over to this page at 4:30 PM PST today and see whether King Toggwaggle will succeed in keeping his gold or whether it’s time for humanity to get a bit richer. I like what Blizzard has been doing with Kobolds & Catacombs; instead of giving us more reveal streams and written narratives, it has branched out to other mediums and other creative ideas. Only two days to go until the expansion hits, so just a little more patience needed.

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