The Grinch is Coming to ‘Panda Pop’ in New “Grinchmas” Holiday Event

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Jam City has been ripping it up for a while now with Cookie Jam (Free) likely being their most recognizable title, based solely on the amount of advertising they’ve done for the game. Around here, folks probably know them as the developers of Family Guy Freakin Mobile Game (Free) which was that Family Guy-themed match three that came out a while ago. Well, they’re in the news again, this time with a Panda Pop (Free) holiday event featuring none other than The Grinch, who is easily my favorite character of the Christmas season.

To celebrate “Grinchmas," Jam City has jammed (heh) Panda Pop full of all sorts of Grinch-y events running the entire month of December- Including, but not limited to, PvP events where you compete against ten other players and The Grinch to see who can beat the most levels for in-game prizes. There will also be Grinch boss events, and between December 19th and 25th there’s a Grinch advent calendar that’s going to spray prizes at anyone playing the game.

If nothing else, it’s always fascinating to me to see how developers try to come up with new ways to differentiate their incredibly similar casual puzzlers from the rest of the pack. The Bubble Witch (Free) series of games has been around forever, but Panda Pop has The Grinch, which I’m sure edges it our in some weird category.

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