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Be a Criminal Mastermind in Multiplayer Game ‘Cash’

Crime doesn’t pay, they say, but in the upcoming multiplayer game Cash, that’s all it does, provided you’re good at robbing people. In Cash you play as a criminal mastermind who has to gather the right crew of, well, hard-working gentlemen, and together you will plan bank heists and attack other players’ hideouts. After you plan what will certainly be the perfect heist, you get to take part in it, using various minigames to crack into safes or hack security systems in order to get your hands on that loot.

When your plan fails or when someone unexpectedly triggers an alarm, the cops arrive, and then your guys have to take the cops out if you’re to escape with the loot. While the game seems to be primarily focused on multiplayer modes, it also comes with single-player missions where you get to rob banks and museums. If you want to learn more about Cash, head over to our forum thread and then over here to read the many developer blog posts.