Kid-Oriented ‘Pooka: Magic and Mischief’ Is Now Available – Go Chase the Gloom Away

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Pooka: Magic and Mischief (Free), the colorful RPG game that lets you literally chase the Gloom away, is now available worldwide, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun game to play either by yourself (if you like casual but pretty RPGs) or with your little ones. As we wrote about a few weeks back, Pooka lets you create your own, very silly looking Pookas (part of the fun of this game is the character creation system that’s as absurd as it is cute) and take to saving the world from the infectious Gloom invasion that has turned the world gloomy.

Your Pookas are made up of parts you discover along the way, and with over 150 of them, you’ll have plenty of combos to make. The game gives you a motive to come back often since the Gloom you clear up slowly returns (a great idea for a free-to-play game). Pooka also has asynchromous multiplayer, where players can summon friends to take on the Gloom together and even send gifts to each other. Overall, Pooka: Magic and Mischief seems like an entertaining game with plenty to do and a colorful world to do it in. The game is available now on both iOS and Android.

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