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‘Neverending Nightmares’, the Psychological Horror Game, Is Coming to Mobile this Wednesday

Those who enjoy psychological horror should keep an eye on Neverending Nightmares, the game inspired by its creator’s struggles with depression and OCD that’s coming to mobile this Wednesday. In this game, you play as Thomas, a man who awakens from a terrible nightmare only to realize that he hasn’t really awaken and that he’s still trapped in that nightmare. As in the case of every nightmare, things go from bad to worse, and worse in this case is pretty, pretty bad. As you can see from the trailer, Thomas is hunted by all kinds of horrifying creatures, which are to a degree manifestations of his own psychological state.

The game uses a dynamic lighting system that makes darkness matter and makes the game even scarier. You should play the game in the dark with headphones on just for that. And Neverending Nightmares has three different endings, which should make it worth playing again, provided you don’t mind the horror of it all. The game has very good reviews on Steam, and overall it was well received on PC, although many note that it isn’t too long. If you’re looking for a horror game to play on your mobile device, check out Neverending Nightmares, coming Wednesday, November 29th.