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Superman Coming to ‘Arena of Valor’ on November 26th

Arena of Valor, Tencent’s huge MOBA, might not be coming to North America until 2018, but that doesn’t mean the popular game isn’t expanding in fun ways. The latest hero to be added is Superman, and how often do you get to play the Man of Steel in a MOBA? Superman is the latest DC hero to join the game, and there are more to come, including Wonder Woman herself. Superman can fly over obstacles and increase his movement speed, and as you would expect, his body is immune to most physical damage and disease. He’s got some fun abilities as well, which you can check out in the video below.

I like Arena of Valor‘s direction away from typical fantasy fare. While elves and dwarfs can be fun, you can only have so many of them before they all start looking the same. By joining up with DC, Tencent is bringing some great content to the game that will go a long way towards making the game more attractive to western audiences. Superman will fly in Arena of Valor on November 26th.