New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘The Inner World 2’, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic’, ‘Legend of the Skyfish Zero’, ‘Pro Strategy Football 2018’, ‘Survivor Royale’, and More

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone! This is going to be a bit of a short week here at TouchArcade for us Americans, who typically spend this weekend totally unplugged and stuffing as much food into our faces as we can. (So, a normal American weekend, but a little longer.) Today’s made-up holiday also fits in with this theme: Blackout Wednesday. Playing along with the whole Black Friday thing, the whole idea of Blackout Wednesday is the only thing you need to do tomorrow is be awake by some point in the afternoon to eat your Thanksgiving feast, so why not get plastered? Personally, I use Blackout Wednesday to get ahead at the gym to try to offset the amount I’ll be eating tomorrow, but, I’m boring like that. Thankfully, what’s not boring is the amount of new iOS games that have hit out forums.

Here’s the list of new threads, with standouts being found in the title of this article:

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening, where more surprises might pop up, or maybe not! There’s way too many games out this week anyway!