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‘Dragon’s Watch’, the Social RPG for Western Audiences, Releasing Worldwide December 7th

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The Secret Police, the mobile studio backed by names such as Ian Livingstone (of Fighting Fantasy fame) is getting ready to release Dragon’s Watch, a free-to-play, turn-based character collecting RPG that promises fun, one-handed play and even offline play. Players will take a squad of 6 Heroes into battle in the realm of Kagria to take down any evil that comes their way. The game features over 700 heroes to collect, fuse, and evolve in a way similar to many games of this genre. You can also send squads on quests even when not actively playing, which is a good way to progress and level up characters.

The developers wanted to make a game that has the depth of hardcore Asian titles but the user-friendly experience of Western games. So, they’re hoping players will enjoy the game’s depth while also enjoying how they can just play it with one hand. The developers name games like Summoners War, Fire Emblem Heroes, Clash Royale, and Hearthstone as inspirations, which is quite the list. The game is coming out December 7th, and those who play the game during the first week will enter a unique quest that has a rare Hero as a reward, and this Hero will never be available again. Pre-register here to get free items once Dragon’s Watch launches.

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